An industrial flooring is exposed to many stresses. These include temperature fluctuations, pressure loads and the contact to liquids, dirt and chemicals. It also has to have a long lifetime because downtimes are expensive and often complicated in the implementation. A perfect solution are PVC tiles. These can be installed very fast and are thus more economic than concrete or expensive synthetic resin floors. At one weekend an entire production hall can be installed. The advantage is also the adaptation to different premises and their requirements. For example, it is often a challenge in the food processing industry to install new industrial floorings. The latter have to be hygienic and easy to clean. The surface must not be sensitive to alkaline substances as often aggressive cleaning agents are used.

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These industrial PVC floorings are extremely tough, fast and easy to install and remain nevertheless economical!

With an industrial PVC flooring there is much which is not a problem anymore. Our PVC tiles withstand heavy weights (up to 60 tons per square metre) and are easy to care. The choice of colours enables an optimal adaptation to the different rooms. Several companies order these practical PVC tiles with a company logo or other graphical elements. There are diverse possible applications for an industrial PVC flooring: Fitness centres, printing plants, production halls, warehouses, offices, changing rooms, workshops, laboratories, hospitals and gyms.

Wherever a flooring is exposed to high operational loads, care and maintenance are important and where cost issues appear, industrial PVC floorings are a good solution. Our industrial floorings can be driven on with a forklift truck and offer a high degree of slip resistance (Factor R9). Safety is an important factor which is achieved with the industrial PVC tiles. Hygiene is another, not insignificant factor, which has to be considerated. The PVC tiles can be easily cleaned with conventional cleaning products. Dirt does not penetrate into the surface thus enabling a long-lasting product life.

Application areas for industrial floorings

A good PVC flooring is applicated there where high loads are required and a fast and easy restoration or rather modernisation of a worn or existing flooring has to be achieved. An example are car workshops or garages. Here the cost savings are noticeable very fast. The permanent use, the dirt and other factors make the PVC tiles to the ideal solution. The robustness soon pays off. If a certain area still has to be replaced, then only specific PVC tiles has to be substituted.

A further, very favoured application are exhibition stands and spaces. Due to the high movement of people, a conventional flooring gets worn and dirty very fast. In several cases, it looses itself from the floor. Also here the use of industrial PVC floorings is a reasonable and economic solution. But there still are two more aspects that come along. Every trade fair operator knows: time is money. The PVC tiles can be installed, adapted to the circumstances and removed again very fast. On exhibitions often carpets are used that only can be used one-time. The PVC tiles can be used on the next trade fair again and contribute to cost savings. Last but not least: the design and individualisation possibilities with a PVC flooring are much more extensive and interesting for the exhibition.

Many of our clients have discovered the benefit of PVC tiles in the commercial area. The PVC floorings are gladly installed as trade/commercial flooring. These are specific internal areas in shops and commercial areas. Here, there is a very essential reason. In the commercial area it is often difficult to mend the flooring, to replace or to repair it. The configuration of the shop allows this often only under complicated and cost-intensive conditions. A PVC trade/commercial flooring here offers huge advantages. The long useful life and the quality of the underfloor are almost always the better investment!

The Jäger-Plastik GmbH & Co. KG will be pleased to advice you and assists you with the specification of costs. A complete service from the advice to the installation of industrial PVC floorings through our local partners. If you have special requests referring to colour, form and cut sizes, then we will be pleased to help you further. Our team consists of experts who know the issue industrial floorings very well.