PVC & rubber floorings

Easy to install PVC tiles and elastic floorings – the future under your feet.

Welcome to the world of flexible, easy to install PVC and rubber floorings which are characterised by a high robustness and can be used for various applications. The loose-lay PVC tiles can be simply sticked together like a puzzle and are available in many different colours. One decisive advantage is that the PVC tiles in the most cases can be installed without bonding using the floating method during operation. Next to the very simple cleaning the PVC tiles can easily be replaced as well due to the modular system which further increases the flexibility. With different thicknesses the PVC tiles can optimally be used for industrial, sport and office areas. The industrial tiles can be driven on with forklift trucks and are very robust. The tiles for the home or office area can appear very stylish due to e.g. a marble surface. For this reason the floorings are also excellent suited for the private use at home.

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