Energy and environmental policy

energie-umweltpolitikThe careful use of all resources corresponds both the economic and ecological principle of the Jäger-Plastik GmbH & Co. KG, the compliance of the relevant legal obligations of administrative and other demands is a matter of course for us.

  • We want to harmonize ecology and economy and commit ourselves to provide our workforce with all information and resources that are necessary to achieve our strategic and operative objectives.
  • All employees to that effect are informed and trained because everyone has to be an example with its own personal behavior for environmental protection and the economical use of energy.
  • All production stages are included in the ecological weak-point analysis. The production processes are continuously further developed with the best available economically feasible technology. The careful handling with resources and a preferably low environmental pollution already play an important role in the product and process development.
  • We talk frankly about our environmentally relevant activities, about the consequences and improvements with employees, customers, suppliers, public authorities and the interested public.

Francesco Castiglia
Managing Director

Antonio Castiglia
Environmental and energy management representative