The PVC flooring has long been the norm in the industry. Wherever the floor is exposed to many loads, a PVC flooring has been used. The flooring is delivered in tiles and can be installed using the floating method. The material is very enduring, tear-resistant, shock proof and easy to clean. Many hotels, restaurants, fitness centres and educational institutions already for years have been swearing on the flexible floorings. The reason? Often the hygiene and easy handling play an important role. A further reason are the costs for the laying and the maintenance. The flooring can be readily adapted to the room and cutted along complicated parts or corners. All advantages that PVC tiles also for the residential area make always more favoured and reasonable.

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Modern PVC floorings for home and house – extremely tough and easy to care!

The PVC flooring now is more and more also applicated in residential areas, private apartments or homes. The reason for this trend are of different nature. The diversity of designs and colours is, of course, a futher advantage. The practical PVC floorings are also available as tiles which can be installed effortlessly. These offer an enormous noise and heat insulation. The floorings are easy to clean and hygienic. There are PVC floorings with an elegant wooden look or in bright colours. The laying is very easy and often an entire apartment can be newly equipped with a beautiful PVC flooring at one weekend. A further reason for a purchase of the tiles are the acquisition costs. A right parquet floor is often very expensive and cannot be laid everywhere, either. The hobby room, the own workshop or the domestic fitness gym are good candidates for a high-quality PVC flooring. With the high grade processing they are very durable and can also be replaced very easily.

Please be advised by an expert for PVC floorings. Jäger-Plastik only uses high-quality materials paying particularly attention to the environmental protection during the production of PVC floorings and during the disposal of wastes. We will be pleased to advice you. Please ask our experts even today or order a sample from our website.

Conclusion to the PVC tiles

A PVC flooring can be installed very fast and uncomplicated and the purchasing price is much more reasonable than cork, wood or other materials. A PVC flooring at home offers many benefits. It is inter alia water-repellent, easy to clean and sound absorbing. A high-quality flooring can also be laid above an installation with a underfloor heating. Hardly any other material is so robust and offers so much protection against vibration noises. In the commercial and industrial area the PVC flooring has long been the norm and now it is more and more also applicated in home or domestic areas. The new production processes and the huge variety of colours and visual elements are further reasons for a purchase of PVC tiles.