Workshop floor & car floor made of PVC tiles & panels

The ideal floor for the workshop: stable, east to clean, resistant against damages and it also has to look good. Many companies had to wait for a long time to find such an ideal workshop floor. But that will soon be history – finally there is the long-awaited PVC floor for your industrial and commercial area also from Jäger-Plastik!

✓ PVC workshop tiles to the best price ✓ On-site service (Advise, safety and perfect installation)  ✓ Sample service for every tile  ✓ Individual offers for PVC workshop tiles

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Easy to install workshop floor – PVC flooring for car workshops, tire service, warehouses, halls and industry

At first, however, an important question concerning the flooring has to be clarified:

What really makes a high-quality workshop flooring and which advantages does a PVC flooring & tile offer?

Of course just a workshop flooring has to meet special requirements. The environment alone is already far more intensive than rather at PVC floorings at home. There are some important characteristics, though, that make a high-quality PVC workshop floorings:

  • Enormous resistance, abrasion and wear resistant as well as sound absorbing

Due to the permanent stress the high-quality PVC floor needs to be particularly resilient – resistant against any influence that a normal flooring would not withstand. To this there belong heavy things that can fall down, unintended liquids like oil, petrol and solvents that can leak and much more to everyday life at work. The floors moreover have to withstand loads of cars, motorbikes and trucks.

  • Easy to clean flooring for workshops, industry halls and warehouses – PVC tiles easy to lay

The floor is contaminated and has to be clean as fast as possible? Then an easy to clean floor has the highest priority. The most commercial floorings, like e.g. wood, cheap rubber or other materials if laid unprecisely have gaps and are uneven. With our high-quality PVC floorings (PVC tiles) this is not the case! Cleaning – if wet or dry – is very easy and can be done without any residues. You can also find the correct cleaning agent at Jäger-Plastik.

But these are only some of the advantages. What is far more favourable, though, is the easy handling in practice. You can practically feel  the high and sustainable quality of all the PVC tiles in our product range. The most PVC workshop tiles that are offered in the market at a first glance appear to be a bargain, but latest during the installation the problems will occur.

Extremely versatile: PVC workshop floor – workshop tiles for the highest demands

And  particularly with PVC tiles for the workshop every tile has to bear very much. That’s why we have decided with clear conscience to offer only high-quality industrial floorings for e.g. a car workshop, a tire service or as a comfortable warehouse floor.

If you have made bad experiences and want to save a lot of trouble with cheap PVC workshop floorings, please contact us. We are gladly at your disposal at any time.

Workshop floors suitable for car workshops, tire, exhaust gas and TÜV centres, stock and salesrooms, vehicle halls, forklift traffic and there where heavy pallet lifters drive. These industrial floorings from Jäger-Plastik are e very good alternative to floor coating. We, in addition, offer appropriate corner and ramps for all the tiles for a problem-free access to edges, entrances or gateways.

All advantages of our Jäger-Plastik floorings in Germany at a glance:

  • more competitive purchase costs than a concrete or cast floor
  • easy installation through single, interlocking tiles = less effort and time
  • many form and colour versions
  • maximum loading capacity, vibration resistance, heat insulating characterics
  • no coating of the floor with liquid plastic or epoxy resin necessary
  • high mechanic wear resistance even at maximum load
  • high stability and very resistant interlocking system
  • no subsequent treatment of the surfaces necessary
  • best chemical resistance thanks to the closed surface
  • 100 % repairable and recoverable trough single tiles
  • simple maintenance and cleaning of the surface – wet or dry
  • heat insulating characteristics and elasticity compared to fluctuating temperatures
  • dust-free, dust binding as well as noise reduction
  • minimal preparation of the underground = saving more than 50% of time
  • no gluing = less costs
  • fast and problem-free installation = renovation of premises without major losses of time and work surface (laying with the floating method during current production possible!) = no customer restrictions