PVC industrial flooring jointlessly laid as industrial floor covering

Specific rooms claim a certain appearance – this includes special floorings for the industry. PVC floorings are suited best to make a room appear professionally. They are robust, resistant and have a longer product life expectancy than conventional floorings. They are by far more resistant compared to damages but can likewise have a smooth surface which e.g. facilitates cleaning works. A further advantage is that this kind of flooring withstands all temperature fluctuations and high pressure without any problems and defies any abrasion. A later substitution is done very easily and within a few minutes – without interrupting operation.

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PVC industrial flooring convenient, jointlessly and easy laying in a bond pattern possible

Installation of industrial floorings
The installation of our industrial floorings is possible at extreme temperatures. Besides, companies do not have to forgo their production long time because short after the installation the floor is already accessible. There consequently are almost no machine downtimes. A major advantage is that the industrial flooring can be laid on almost any undergrounds like concrete, screed, wood, metal, tiles or ceramics. The click system (puzzle technique) – loose lay (self-laying) facilitates the handling and efficiency.

Application areas for industrial flooring
Industrial floorings
are installed at numerous places and mostly stressed in the industrial or commercial everyday life. They are exremely versatile, but are most common used in the industrial area, which means in large production or stock premises, garages, halls, workshops, but also in private houses and garages. Our resistant floorings from the area industrial flooring are particularly developed and tested for the industry area. Heavy machines, devices and aggressive liquids are not a problem here as the PVC tiles are extremely robust.

When choosing the floor many factors have to be considered. Next to the loading capacity and functionality, specifically safety but also an attractive and clean environment play an important role. Especially in the food sector dangers through defect floorings have to be reduced for employees, end consumers but also for machines and products. With industrial floorings these risks can be easily eliminated. An impairment of everyday life is herewith excluded.

PVC industrial floorings represent a resistant system solution for the industry and producing sector. They are more versatile than other materials and very resilient with the usage of e.g. forklift trucks, pallet trucks, trucks and load lifters. These durable industrial floorings cope with daily requirements like humidity, contamination through colour, solvent or industrial dust without any problems.

The PVC tile system from Jäger-Plastik is very easy to install and clean. We kindly offer you the appropriate cleaning agents and sealers. During the laying the production often does not have to be interrupted. The tiles are available in different thicknesses between 7 and 14 mm and optional in numerous colours. Even the company logo can be printed on.

We in addition offer the appropriate ramps for easy access to edges, entrances or gateways for all the tiles. 

Contrary to the classic „production“ of industrial floorings, which use a cement-bound drying material for the manufacturing of industry floors with the sprinkling method, a tile is more favourable, easier in the installation and more durable. Furthermore, there are differently to concrete or cast ribbing, knobs, combs, or other similar surface structures available for selection, which again impedes slipping.

Further Advantages of these industrial floorings made of PVC are fire resistance and environmental sustainability. The PVC tiles for the industry can also recycled. Besides, you do not need any additional chemicals and varnishes during the installation. PVC floorings in the version ESD likewise protect against electrostatic discharge. 

An industrial flooring in the private area is also possible and feasible. The industry floor for home offers many advantages.

Cleaning and care
With the appropriate cleaning procedures the industrial flooring are often very easy to clean, as they are jointless and crack very rarely.  Depending on the degree of contamination the floor should be cleaned daily or several times during the week. First dry dirt and dust should be swept or vacuum-cleaned, followed by a subsequent removal of wet and sticky dirt.

Despite the high resistance loose dirt like e.g. cuttings can harm and make the industry floor more sensitive to dirt. That’s why it is necessary to clean loose dirt regularly in order to prevent the accumulation of dirt and possible damages.

While wet cleaning the industrial floor it is recommend to damp-wipe or to use special for the application made cleaning machines. Here, it is important to pay attention on the ingedients, as soap-containing agents can leave residues on the surfaces behind and thus cause further contaminations –  please ask us for this purpose. During the daily cleaning there should be used soap-free agents that are dosed accordingly and to which water has to be added.

Alkaline cleaners are used to release the industrial flooring from greasing substances. These kind of agents are mostly used in metal processing companies to remove contaminations. In order to clean larger areas cleaning machines are ideal. With blocked rooms or difficult to reach places cleaning can be done with a disc machine with pad and then the area is passed with a wet vacuum-cleaner. Afterwards, you have to wipe over with a mop.

We kindly offer you advice and service around our PVC floorings and tiles – laying in a bond pattern possible – either at our facilities or directly at your site. Of course we can take an industrial flooring price per m² for your calculation with us.

Advantages of the industrial floorings made of PVC:

  • more competitive purchase costs than a concrete or cast floor
  • easy installation through single, interlocking tiles = less effort and time
  • many form and colour versions
  • maximum loading capacity, vibration resistance, heat insulating characterics
  • no coating of the floor with liquid plastic or epoxy resin necessary
  • high mechanic wear resistance even at maximum load
  • high stability and very resistant interlocking system
  • no subsequent treatment of the surfaces necessary
  • best chemical resistance thanks to the closed surface
  • 100 % repairable and recoverable trough single tiles
  • simple maintenance and cleaning of the surface – wet or dry
  • heat insulating characteristics and elasticity compared to fluctuating temperatures
  • dust-free, dust binding as well as noise reduction
  • minimal preparation of the underground = saving more than 50% of time
  • no gluing = less costs
  • fast and problem-free installation = renovation of premises without major losses of time and work surface (laying with the floating method during current production possible!) = no customer restrictions