Office Floor & Commercial Floor made of PVC Tiles / Panels

For the acquistion of a new office floor some things have to be considerated. The floor finally has to endure a lot over time and should look attractive nevertheless. A durable PVC flooring for the office has to be of high quality, usable for a long time and feature a good design. Accordingly not every flooring is suitable for the office.

The PVC flooring with click system meets these requirements and offers numerous benefits. It has a high durability and is not least because of its good quality very long-lasting. The floor is an all around favoured product for every office, as a PVC floor is convenient and best suitable for the use with the most common office chairs, without having the need to use mats or an extra coating. This saves costs and makes the installation even easier.

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PVC office floor with click system – ideal for the commercial use

When the office flooring has to be renewed, there must not get lost much time during the modernization, as operation during this time possibly cannot be continued in an optimal way. Also here the PVC tiles with their practical click system offer an advantage, since the floor can be installed fast and easily. The underground in the most cases has not to be greatly prepared which again saves time and costs.

With an embedded underfloor heating and also with stairs there has to be paid attention that the PVC flooring is suitable for these purposes. In the case of doubt you should ask us as floor expert for help as we mostly can help further with hints for the correct flooring in offices. The floorings are available in the most different colours and the design can be adapted as desired. A flooring with logo or corporate design always makes an impression and there are no limitations with the design of printed office floorings.

A good design for the commercial floorings should rather be conservative and emphasize small features only sporadically. Large patters in office spaces cause some certain unrest and can have a negative effect on the work routine, finally everyone should feel as comfortable as possible at his or her workplace. Due to the unlimited design possibilities of the PVC tiles every floor can be adapted perfectly on the particular needs and create a beautiful and individual general view of the office.

Our PVC puzzle tiles with click system with their different nature stone optics provide a comfortable atmosphere. Also our loose-lay PVC tiles are often used in office spaces as they optically also suit in many offices with their nature stone or wooden look. With their patented antislip backing they can be laid with the floating method during current operation. Thus, the use of plastic floorings is in any case recommended so that a long endurance of the office floor can be reached.

Also laminate is often used in office spaces, as it optically suits as well in many offices. But here only high-quality material should be used because many cheap versions are very prone to scratches, especially when swivel chairs are used. Laminate cannot be grinded down in order to remove scratches. So, in any case it is recommended to use floor mats so that a long endurance of the office floor is reached like with a PVC floor. As alternative to laminate in the office parquet flooring or a wooden floor can be considered, these are expensive indeed, but for this will endure considerably longer. The wooden floor should additionally be sealed, though, so that no liquids can penetrate into the ground.

A further alternative could be stone tiles which are not always ideal, though. They are partially sensitive to impacts and have no particular well sound insulation. There absolutely should be paid attention on the correct design as the office floor otherwise looks rather cold and uncomfortable.

A carpet floor for the office is also quite popular, however it is relatively sensitive against contaminations. For allergic persons here a special product should be purchased.

PVC tiles for office spaces and premises as well as commercial units are an alternative to a linoleum flooring, as they offer more flexibility and a more beautiful design and thus many companies count on PVC floorings for the office. So altogether there is a lot of to pay attention on and every office has other requirements. The flooring for the office made of PVC in the most cases however is a good and correct choice in order to have much joy with the floor.

Advantages of the commercial office made of PVC with click system:

  • easy to clean material
  • very easy to install
  • antislip surface
  • water-repellent
  • favourable purchase and maintenance
  • unlimited design possibilities