POG / Oval – twin handles – oval
3. Juni 2016
DTI / ISO – twin handles – oval
21. April 2016
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POG / Oval – twin handles – oval PCR

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Elegant handle for insulating and recycling carrier bags

    • Optically very attractive and elegant handle which fits very well in the hand
    • Ideal for recycling carrier bags and reusable packagings

Available in the lengths:

215 mm, 275 mm and 350 mm

POG / Oval – twin handles – oval:

The advantages for you at a glance:

  • with opening assistance on top of the handle
  • U-profile closure
  • reinforced lock button
  • perfectly suitable for insulating and cooling bags
  • standard material: PCR

Application areas:

Insulating and cooling/thermal bags, recycling carrier bags, reusable packagings, etc.