PVC garage floor with click system of tiles / PVC flooring for the garage

With the choice of a good and suitable material for the flooring of a garage floor it is necessary to inform oneself in advance, which flooring possesses the needed insensitivity to withstand heavy loads that it is exposed in a garage.

Thereby PVC floors and floorings are the best solution: Through their high-quality processing and robustness of the material they are the ideal flooring for every garage. Here, it is also important to know that our PVC garage floor is not only high-qualitative but the design of the flooring is unique, as well.

✓ PVC garage tiles to the best price ✓ On-site service (Advise, safety and perfect installation)  ✓ Sample service for every tile  ✓ Individual offers for PVC garage tiles

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Garage floor made of PVC / Vinyl easy to lay, clean and daily to use with no ifs and buts – extremely versatile and robust, resistant and full of beneficial characteristics

The time of unsightly garage rooms is definitely over, as with a PVC garage floor you have plenty of possibilities, in which colour you wish to have the flooring of your dream garage. However it is important to know, that you do not have to make compromises here: Design-oriented AND high-performance floorings in your garage are already united by PVC tiles. PVC tiles are perfect for your garage (privately and commercially).

But now to some practical considerations: The installation of the flooring is very easy. The single PVC tiles are interlocked very easily and conveniently. Herewith nothing has to be glued or any major effort with the underground has to be done in order that the system is fixed. Despite this excellent applicability the PVC garage floor can cope with almost everything: You do not have to worry about whether you can leave your car, motorbike, truck or any other heavy machines on the garage floor. Dirt, humidity and the weight of diverse loads, devices and accessories do not harm the floor.

Through the sustainable technology that stands behind the PVC tiles you can sure at any time that the garage floor is abrasion-resistant and robust – also after years. Due to the special structure of the surface it is then additionally very easy to clean floor dry or wet. The tolerance compared to scratches, contaminations or temperature fluctuations is moreover very high and guarantees a long durability  and service life. In case of damages the garage tiles can be removed easily tile by tile without a cost-intensive renovation, gluing, separating, etc.

The experience has also shown that there are many advantages with our garage floor system: A high-qualitiy PVC flooring for the garage brings happiness to the applicator over many years, as it is easy to clean, can be substituted very simple (if the taste over time has changed after all regarding the design- as there are no optical ageing phenomena of the floor) and can bear as good as any load.

The tiles with click systems for the garage by Jäger-Plastik from Germany offer versatile application areas for private and commercial:

  • clearance terminals
  • show and sales rooms
  • workshops for cars, motorbikes, trucks – car dealers
  • train stations and airports (hangars)
  • warehouses (logistics, fulfilment…)
  • industry, power stations, factories, mechanical engineering companies – production industry
  • garages for heavy technique
  • police and fire stations
  • point of sales, outlets of machines and devices
  • hobby rooms, cellars

The PVC tile with accessories for corners, edges and ramps is a cost-effective and easy to install alternative to stone tiles or porcelain stoneware. Feel free to contact us and plan together with us a new flooring in your garage, hall or workshop.

Advantages of PVC flooring for the garage:

  • more competitive purchase costs than a concrete or cast floor
  • easy installation through single, interlocking tiles = less effort and time
  • many form and colour versions
  • maximum loading capacity, vibration resistance, heat insulating characterics
  • no coating of the floor with liquid plastic or epoxy resin necessary
  • high mechanic wear resistance even at maximum load
  • high stability and very resistant interlocking system
  • no subsequent treatment of the surfaces necessary
  • best chemical resistance thanks to the closed surface
  • 100 % repairable and recoverable trough single tiles
  • simple maintenance and cleaning of the surface – wet or dry
  • heat insulating characteristics and elasticity compared to fluctuating temperatures
  • dust-free, dust binding as well as noise reduction
  • minimal preparation of the underground = saving more than 50% of time
  • no gluing = less costs
  • fast and problem-free installation = renovation of premises without major losses of time and work surface (laying with the floating method during current production possible!) = no customer restrictions