PVC flooring system – flooring for trade fairs & events

A trade show is a big event which has to be well planned. An optimal organisation of the stand is very important if a product has to be sucessfully presented. The most trade show floorings in exhibition halls unhave potential to be designed much more attractive. The optics of a trade show floor, though, must not be neglected as only liek this an attractive total picture can be created. A good and hard-wearing exhibition floor makes always a positive impression on visitors and offers at the same time a stable fundament for the stand.

Event floors are not only used on exhibitions, but they are also gladly used as dancing floor due to their many advantages and possibilities. In many dancing schools and similar facilities you can find PVC floorings, not least because of their convenient prices. PVC floorings are comparatively cheaper than laminate as alternative to trade show floorings. PVC floorings for visitor or entrance halls are always a good and practical choice.

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PVC trade show flooring – the best alternative to carpet and laminate for events & party locations

Through our large choice of colours (also black and white) of the different PVC trade show floorings there are no limits to creativity. The tiles can be wonderfully adapted on/under the booth or the desired area and can be well combined thanks to their harmonic choice of colours. So, different areas or passaged can be highlighted. Also special fabrications and a design flooring are possible so that e.g. a corporate design or also a printed photo scene/logo can be used for a higher recongnition.

The trade show floors are adaptable to every shape of room through its modular and easy to install tiles. They are intended as special PVC floor tiles for large events and can also cope with high numbers of visitors without any problems. A big rush of visitors is not a problem, either. Of course, it also satisfies all further important requirements for major events. Very important is e.g. meeting the requirements of the fire protection class, but also the slip resistance is important. The hygienic characteristics of the floor meet the expectations as well and it can be kept clean very easy.

A further advantage is the easy and fast installation of the floor by means of a click system without glue! After the exhibition it can then be simply and residue-free dismantled again. Depending on the application area the floorings can be used again without any problems. This is particular practical if a short-term event is ahead. Of course, the tiles can be stressed also over a long period of time without any problems. A floor coating is mostly not necessary. Due to the possibility to use the floor for multiple events over years again and again, the in comparison to a simple carpet at the beginning possibly higher purchase costs amortize already after a short time so that one can save very fast very much money.

With us you can find your trade show floor made of PVC conveniently and with professional advice.

Due to many possible versions of the single trade show floorings many different impressions and appearances can be created. To meet the individual need at the appropriate PVC flooring, there should always be obtained professional advice from our team. Thus also a suitable design is choosen which creates a perfect total picture. Your booth eventually has to stand out from the mass.

Company logos or banners are also gladly printed on the floor. The trade show floorings with click system are highly popular. Through the well-engineered system the single components can be sticked together or disassembled fast and uncomplicated, but also creatively here are no limits – similar to a vinyl floor.

A long durability, flexibility and resistance make this product to a popular choice, when dealing with events of all forms or in case that a good and versatile floor every applications has to be purchased. Allow us to advice you to our PVC tiles.