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The floor of fitness studios has to endure a lot, but should nevertheless look good and be easy to install. Just for that there are robust safety tiles made of rubber granules with which any fitness studio or single areas like the heavy weight area can be equipped perfectly. Also course roooms or single lanes can thus be designed safely and attractively.

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PVC flooring & rubber flooring as well as safety rubber tiles for fitness studios/crossfit areas
Our rubber floorings for fitness studios and crossfit areas  can be installed very easily without glue and much effort, thus the new floor in the fitness studio is accessible very fast and simple. The rubber tiles with an antislip surface are ideal for high loads and very resistant. This is particularly important in rooms with large traning devices and dumbbell areas. Here the floor namely has to withstand high punctual loads, especially if a heavy dumbbell falls down.

The rubber tiles here are thanks to their good impact absorption and noise reduction the perfect choice. The shock absorption is in addition very useful during weight training, as joints and spine thus are conserved.

Maintenance and cleaning of rubber tiles are not a problem, either. In the fitness studio it inevitably comes to spilled beverages and sweat on the floor, which thanks to the high-quality material is not so bad, though, as it can be cleaned very easily. Liquids are not absorbed since the material is water-resistant and has closed pores. Furthermore, due to its chemical resistance it is very robust against all possible external influences.

That makes the sport and fitness floor to a hygienic floor which also implicates positive characteristics for allergic persons and moreover provides a comfortable surface for naked feet. An air flow system against humidity is also integrated, so the needed air circulation is reached, which keeps aways mold from the walls offering no possibility of emergence.

The installation of our floorings is very easy and can be done very fast, mostly even without gluing. The underground is at the same time negligible, rubber tiles can be laid on any underground. The underlayer has only minimally be prepared and thus on average goes twice as fast as with gluing models. This is enbaled through a special laying system which meets the requirements of everyday life in the sports area and fitness studio.

The PVC floorings JP SPORTS and JP ACTIVE are available in a large colour spectrum. The tiles can be wonderfully combined thanks to their harmonic composition of colours. For the use in the area of rubber floorings JP CROSSFIT and JP ELASTIK we have also developed different thicknesses. So, individual areas can be limited through different colour possibilities by the help of the tiles or corridors can be marked. Here, there are no limits to the imagination.

The material of PVC and rubber floorings is high-qualitative and meets also the highest requirements. It is very consistent and thus durable for a long time. Even at high stress and a large number of visitors the consistency of the PVC and rubber material is guaranteed.

Abrasion is hardly existent. PVC floors and safety rubber tiles are very durable and therefore so popular in fitness studios.

The PVC floors besides are a very environmentally friendly product. During the production there has not been used any heavy metals and they are 100 % recycable. There is not used any wax or polishes. Furthermore, the tiles are very convenient in the purchase and with the installation of the fitness floorings one can save as well. During laying of the PVC and rubber tiles depending on the nature of the underground there mostly is not used any glue and the underground normally has only be prepared minimally which saves time and costs.

Due to the numerous advantages which result from the PVC and rubber fitness floorings, in the meantime more than 20 % of the floorings in Germany consist of this highly versatile material.

We glady offer you advice and service around our PVC & rubber floorings and tiles – laying in a bond pattern possible – either at our facilities or directly at your site. Of course we can take an fitness flooring price per m² for your calculation with us.
Advantages of our safety rubber tiles for the use in sports and fitness studios:

more competitive purchase costs than a concrete or cast floor
easy installation through single, interlocking tiles = less effort and time
many form and colour versions
maximum loading capacity, vibration resistance, heat insulating characterics
no coating of the floor with liquid plastic or epoxy resin necessary
high mechanic wear resistance even at maximum load
high stability and very resistant interlocking system
no subsequent treatment of the surfaces necessary
best chemical resistance thanks to the closed surface
100 % repairable and recoverable trough single tiles
simple maintenance and cleaning of the surface – wet or dry
heat insulating characteristics and elasticity compared to fluctuating temperatures
dust-free, dust binding as well as noise reduction
minimal preparation of the underground = saving more than 50% of time
no gluing = less costs
fast and problem-free installation = renovation of premises without major losses of time and work surface (laying with the floating method during current production possible!) = no customer restrictions