JP BUSINESS DECOR – PVC tile / flooring
25. October 2017
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JP UNIVERSAL – PVC tile / flooring


Antislip flooring for the covering of slippery undergrounds

The JP UNIVERSAL is a 100% pure PVC tile with a “honeycomb surface”.

With its click system it can be installed fast and easily also without bonding, which means with the floating method during current operation.

The JP UNIVERSAL features an antislip surface structure for even more safety on e.g. oily or slippery undergrounds. Due to its considerable thickness the tile is very robust and enduring, it absorbs noises and vibrations very well and can also be driven on with vehicles. It is perfect to protect the existing ground and is practically resistant against any climate conditions. The JP UNIVERSAL is available in the colours black, blue, green or red.

The tile is designed in an extraordinary manner to facilitate walking and moreover features the following walk-relieving characteristics:

  • flexible – adaptable to the form of the underground
  • can be installed on already existing floors like e.g. meadows, seedbeds or internal or external cemented or rigid surfaces
  • ideal for parking surfaces with meadow underneath in order to protect the grass of the traffic of vehicles (one time installed, the grass can be cutted as always)
  • the design of the tile helps trickling down water ffrom the surface
  • possibility to install in front of working machines in order to enable that oil can flow off and that the employee does not slip
  • there is no need for a continuous maintenance
  • ideal for Zonen with a high walking appearance like e.g. entrances or pathways
  • ideal for swimming pool borders, showers or landing stages
  • produced of pure PVC or on request also of recycled PVC (only in the colour black)
  • ramps and corners available in black and yellow

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JP UNIVERSAL for the industrial and outdoor area:

The advantages for you at a glance:

  • antislip surface structure for more safety
  • ideal for the covering of slippery undergrounds
  • warm under foot and joint-friendly
  • impact noise absorbing
  • antislip
  • fire-resistant
  • no interruption of the current operation
  • optimal for the restoration or modernisation of existing floors
  • resistant against oils, lubricants and chemical substances
  • maximum durability and wear resistance
  • high load capacity

The JP UNIVERSAL is very robust, resistant and easy to install (floating during current operation).

Furthermore, it absorbs noises and vibrations very well and can be replaced very easily due to the modular system.

Application areas:

Industrial buildings, industrial halls, production facilities, application rooms, laboratories, workshops, automobile areas, garages, outdoor areas, transformer trays, car wash, parking areas, playgrounds, areas with a high danger of slipping like e.g. landing stages at harbours, swimming pool borders, changing rooms, showers, oily work spaces, etc.



500 x 500 mm


14 mm




6,4 kg/ m²


Black, blue, green or red

Optional material

Ramps (500 x 60 mm) and corners (60 x 60 mm)

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