JP CONTRACT PLANK – PVC plank / flooring
20. Mai 2016
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JP HOME DECOR – PVC tile / flooring


The PVC tile with hidden connection in wood look.

Ideal for the commercial, office and home area.

The perfect imitation of wooden flooring gives a stylish touch to any space. Choose the unique wood flooring from Wood Collection which creates an unmistakable impression of natural wood.

Places of use:
Halls, corridors, offices, workrooms, kitchens, etc.

Tip for you:
JP HOME DECOR tiles are covered with a durable upper layer which helps in protecting your new floor against high heel shoes or pets with sharp nails.

Elegant wood look with hidden connection!


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JP HOME DECOR for the commercial area:

The advantages for you at a glance:


„Beautiful new look for your interior in few minutes only: no dirt, no need of special tools and especially no waiting. We are introducing the unique collection of the modern, heterogeneous Fortelock DECOR flooring. You don’t have to make compromises anymore.“


Why is it worth using the JP BUSINESS DECOR?

  • attractive look
  • high resistance to wear
  • high chemical resistance of the surface
  • easy maintenance
  • resistance to swivel chair impact
  • mutual combinability of patterns
  • economic advantage
  • anti-allergic environment
  • simple laying


Maximize the appearance of your interior while exceptionally simplifying the installation.

Just choose the design that you want and have fun, enjoy the transformation of your home, office or workplace. JP HOME DECOR tiles are secured with fixed locks that are hidden and cannot be seen when they are laid. Moreover, its surface is so smooth and comfortable.

The elegant PVC upper layer is perfectly bonded to the lower layer of homogeneous PVC. This gives you a durable, safe and esthetic floor. JP HOME DECOR in the most cases does not require any special procedures or modifications. You can just install and use it.


What is a heterogeneous flooring?

The designation of a heterogeneous floor covering means that the vinyl is made up of various layers. These differ in composition or execution like the thickness of the floor, the degree of the load that the floor can take, the degree of abrasion, the deformation after the load and other parameters. The protective coating ensures easy and trouble-free maintenance and, thanks to this layer, the floor is resistant to bacteria. The non-slip surface fulfills the safety purpose and, moreover, is resistant to dirt and stains.

Both types of flooring have the same qualities and application options, the difference is in the material used for the top layer. We created a heterogeneous PVC material for the Business line and homogeneous material for the Solid series. For a more details or specification, take a look at the Technical Data Sheet.


The JP HOME DECOR is very robust and easy to install (floating during current operation).

Furthermore, it is very simple to clean and to maintain and can be replaced very easily due to the modular system.

It is advisable to protect the tiles from sunlight filtering through the windows or get direct, therefore we recommend, in the areas affected by the sun, the use of tents or bonding of the floor in the affected area only.

Application areas:

Halls, corridors, offices, workrooms, kitchens, etc.



472 x 472 mm


6,5 mm


9,5 kg/ m²


Wood look

Number for 1 m²


Optional material

Ramps (472 x 145 mm), Corners (145 x 145 mm)

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