JP DYNAMIC – PVC tile / flooring
29. Mai 2018
JP INDUSTRIAL – PVC tile / flooring
29. Mai 2018
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JP BUSINESS – PVC tile / flooring

The elegant PVC tile with special tongue and groove click system and hidden connection

Ideal for the commercial and residential area.

The new JP BUSINESS PVC floor has a special and in the market unique tongue and groove click system with hidden connection, which allows laying in a bond pattern as well, and with its elegant and visually appealing woodlooking surface creates a comfortable ambience in the room.

The here used, innovative interlocking concept with integrated bar and cone attachment provides additional stability and leads to the fact that the tiles also with heavy weights offer a safe and reliable hold. The JP BUSINESS tiles are phthalate-free and UV stabilized. You can choose these homogenous tiles with hidden connection system for commercial or residential spaces.

During the development of the floor, special consideration was given to efficiency, convenient usage and the ease of installation.

High resistance of the material to load-bearing stress, an anti-slip surface, perfect system of locks that keeps the tiles firmly together, chemical resistance, and last but not least a specially designed tread that makes cleaning easy, are just a few of the benefits you can expect after installing JP BUSINESS PVC floor tiles.

NEW: With hidden connection!


Available surface sctuctures:


Available standard colours:

Lieferzeit: Circa 7-10 Werktage

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JP BUSINESS for the commercial and residential area:

The advantages for you at a glance:


Easy installation

  • fast and simple installation
  • independent of the underground
  • installation on flexible undergrounds

High-quality and durable material

  • very resilient interlocking system
  • sound, heat and vibration insulation
  • long-term durability and stability – warranty for up to 12 years
  • resilience against chemicals
  • high stability and wear resistance
  • dimension stability
  • phthalate-free
  • UV stabilized
  • flame-resistant acc. UL94

Specify your own space

  • wide selection of patterns and colours
  • combinable designs
  • create corridors, signs, paths

Save yourself costs

  • no gluing – you save on time and costs by up to 10%
  • minimum need to repair the original surface – time savings of up to 20%
  • you do not need to renovate the entire floor, just selected pieces
  • the floor is immediately available – no loss of business
  • economically beneficial for divided areas


  • no heavy metals
  • eco-friendly product
  • 100% recyclable
  • no wax, no polishes


The JP BUSINESS is very robust and easy to install (floating during current operation).

Furthermore, it is very simple to clean and to maintain and can be replaced very easily due to the modular system.

It is advisable to protect the tiles from sunlight filtering through the windows or get direct, therefore we recommend, in the areas affected by the sun, the use of tents or bonding of the floor in the affected area only.

Application areas:

Offices, exhibition stands/ halls, commercial areas, retail and wholesale, showrooms, shops, restaurants, office buildings, meeting rooms, living and cellar rooms, medical premises, etc.




500 x 500 mm


7 mm




9,64 kg/ m²


Black, Anthracite grey (RAL 7016), Traffic grey (RAL 7042)

Number for 1 m²


Optional material

Ramps (500 x 170 mm), Corners (170 x 170 mm)