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30. May 2016
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Floor Cleaner R 1000

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Floor Cleaner R 1000 – the ideal routine cleaner for elastic rubber floorings

Cleans and protects the flooring in one step. Creates an anti-slip satin finish, water-soluble protective film. Fulfils DIN Norm 18031 for sport floors. Ideal for use after application of hard sealers or polishes.

Available in the sizes: 750 ml (750 m²), 2,5 l (2500 m²), 5l (5000 m²) or 10 l (10000 m²)

To this, we recommend: Floor Mat, Floor Shine, Professional Mop System

Initial care in high traffic areas:
If no polymer dispersion can be used for the initial care of the floor, dilute R 1000 Floor Cleaner in a ratio of 1:10 (1 l to 10 l of water) and wipe over the cleaned floor with the solution. Polish up the resultant protective film with the Monodisc SRP 2+S with polishing pad or polishing brush.
Consumption: 1 l = 50 m²

Routine cleaning and care:
Dilute R 1000 Floor Cleaner in a ratio of 1:200 (50 ml to 10 l of water) and wipe over the floor with this solution. Leave to dry remaining moisture. Cleans and protects the floor in one step. The dilution can be increased up to 1:400 (25 ml to 10 l of water) for grained floors and in cleaning machines.
Consumption: 1 l = 1000 m²

Product informatio & Consumption:
Regular polishing increases the resistance of the protective coating especially in high traffic areas. Pay attention to exact quantities. Repeated over-dosage of R 1000 Floor Cleaner or the accumulation of moisture on the treated surface can lead to an increase in surface friction and thus to a reduction in anti-slip qualities.

1 l = 50 m² (Initial care in high traffic areas)
1 l = 1000 m² (Routine cleaning and care)

Technical data:
pH-level: ca. 9,5 (concentrate)

Substances: less than 5% anionic surfactants. Contains BENZISOTHIAZOLINONE, METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE, perfumes, LIMONENE, solvents, care-componenets.

Giscode: GU 50 (Product code for cleaning and care products)

Floor Cleaner R 1000 should be stored in a cool, dry place in its closed original container. Keep locked up and out of the reach of children. Protect from frost.


Application areas:

Vinyl, linoleum and rubber floors. Complies with the requirements of DIN 18032 for floors in sports areas, gyms, etc.


750 ml- bottle (750 m²), 2,5l- (2500 m²), 5l- (5000 m²) or 10l- canister (10000 m²)

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