No matter if it is a small fitness centre or a professional trainings centre – the requirements related to the flooring are often the same! The floor must be easy to clean and in any case be conform to high hygienic norms. It also has to be very reliable as partially heavy weight are deposited. Here tiles are almost always a bad idea. It also has to be slip-resistant and absorbing well. A soft flooring is simply the better solution in order to do floor exercises, for example. Acoustic noise has to be damped and there possibly must not appear any marks on the tiles.

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Which flooring is best suited for a fitness room? Are PVC tiles the perfect flooring for sport and fitness rooms?

Where to get a flooring for a fitness room that fulfils these requirements? Very simple: PVC floorings. Modern PVC tiles are available in many finishes and colours. But the visual appearance is only a small advantage on the list. A PVC tile or a fitness room with PVC flooring have quite clear advantages. Amongst others a PVC floor offers following benefits: impact noice absorbing, fall-resilient, warm under foot and joint-friendly, antislip, easy to clean and very reliable. In addtion, it is a matter of expense. The fitness centre or sports room where this PVC floor made of tiles is installed, will be essentially be more favourable than wooden or tiled floors. There are indeed specific carpets for fitness centres, but these are more expensive in the purchase and are not simple in the daily care and cleaning, either. The costs for special cleanings will become a cost burden over time.

Despite the robustness, it can occasionally happen that a flooring gets worn or damaged over time. A PVC floor can be replaced more easily. Single tiles can be simply removed and substituted by new ones. A further advantage is, of course, the huge variety of colours, forms and design possibilities. You would like to have a fitness centre in wooden design? No problem! There are beautiful PVC tiles in wooden look. These are installed very fast and in any case are more cost-effective than parquett floor. The tiles are also processed with a special surface sealing, so that the investment is also worthwile and they still look good after several years. The thermal insulation leads to huge cost savings in the winter. This is an additional bonus that is obtained with a PVC flooring in the fitness centre.

The rubber floorings are especially well suited as so called antishock floorings. In a weight lifting area these robust fall protection tiles made of recycled rubber serve to absorb the impact of dumbbells and weights. Therewith the underfloor is protected against damages. The PVC and rubber floorings fulfil an important function as sport underground. The composition allows a better posture and protects the joints. It is not without reason that olympic champions train on PVC floor mats! In the fitness area it is particularly important to have a flooring which is hard enough to endure loads, but soft enough to absorb vibrations, noises and weights. One example are the areas where spinning bikes, steppers and treadmills are. lächen wo Spinning-Räder, Stepper und Laufbänder stehen. The permanent vibrations therewith are absorbed besser.

Conclusion to fitness floorings & sports floorings

Private fitness centres in the own home are best laid out with PVC floorings. Also big, professional sports facilities or fitness centres today are laid out with PVC or rubber floorings. The advantages are absolutely obvious: Cost savings and technical benefits that are only obtained with PVC quality tiles. Just compare PVC floorings with other materials and you will see that the characteristics of this modern material are only difficult to beat. The production today runs under good conditions which also contribute to environmental protection. A PVC flooring is very durable and therewith valuable natural resources are saved! If you want or have to equip a fitness centre, please contact us. We will be pleased to prepare you an offer. Please send us your inquiry even today!