Accessories for floorings

Who uses PVC or rubber floorings knows how long these last and how easy the care is. But it is a matter of the right choice of care and sealing products. In order to maintain the quality of floorings over many years, good cleaners should be used. The particular structure of PVC pores requires care products that guarantee a hygienic basic cleaning. Ideal is the application of products for sealing. With that no dirt gets into the deep pores and the PVC or rubber floor remains clean for a much longer time, is more durable and looks good.

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Accessories for floorings made of plastic or rubber granules – it almost always is a question of the correct care!

Due to our extensive experience with PVC floorings we have gained a proper insight into the area of floor care. Our clients are happy about a large product range for the care of elastic floorings made of PVC or other materials. In this category you can find floor cleaners, PU cleaners, clean and strip and sealing products for PVC floors and rubber tiles and, of course, all necessary devices like e.g. mono discs and professional mop systems. With these accessories you are prepared to enhance the life time of PVC and rubber floorings and to guarantee a maximum of hygiene and care.

In the are of value retention and care of floorings there are many requirements and needs which one is confronted with. We help you to find for every floor the optimal system solution. If you have special care requirements or acute problems with the care of PVC or rubber floors, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Usually marks on PVC floorings can be removed with our special cleaner. If this does not help, then individual parties can be replaced easily and fast. This is one of the very big advantages of our plastic floorings!